Advantages of Being a PTA

  1. PTA is the largest organization dedicated to service for children
  2. The chief advantage of PTA over independent groups is PTA's potential for unified action-a unified attack on major problems, a unified push for improved legislation, an opportunity to act as a forum for ideas, and a chance to meet with others and discuss mutual concerns.
  3. PTA was started over 100 years ago in 1897. Though many persons do not understand the full scope of PTA, they realize it represents a force in the nation that speaks for all children.
  4. PTA policies are adopted only after much study and discussion thus providing safeguards for units in their policy and decision making. The policies are the guiding principles which all levels of PTA must follow if the organization is to continue to work for its objects.


Advantages for individual PTA units

  • Name recognition as a national organization
  • Access to certain grant monies
  • Teacher scholarship funds
  • Informed and trained leadership
  • Training for local leaders
  • Publications
  • Current information on pending legislation
  • Volunteer legislative advocates
  • Tax-exempt status
  • Low-cost liability insurance for PTA-sponsored activities
  • Conferences and workshops
  • Handbooks and training materials for presidents and other PTA leadership
  • Up-to-date mailings and materials to help you accomplish your goals
  • Recognition and awards for outstanding local programs and people
  • Exchange of information throughout the state and nation
  • Benefit of other's experience in recognizing and solving problems
  • Representatives from State and National PTA available to help
  • Kansas State PTA office, located in Topeka, assists local PTAs, serves as a clearing house for PTA materials and information, and assists the State PTA Board in its efforts on behalf of all children and youth in Kansas
  • An all-volunteer state board of managers dedicated to serving all children, to providing materials, assistance, and services to local PTAs
  • Strength in numbers
  • Unified voices influencing public action


Not all problems can be solved in the local community, and as part of a State and National Congress, the local association extends its influence beyond its neighborhood and helps to secure state and national action for children's benefit. America's population is a mobile one with families moving from one community to another, from state to state. Therefore, PTA cannot afford a merely local outlook. Through PTAs we help assure quality schools and opportunities for all children across the nation.

When you join a local PTA, you also immediately become a member of the National PTA and Kansas PTA.